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Date and time

Friday March 21, 2025 at 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Registration Deadline

Friday March 21, 2025 at 10:00 AM


EasySignup HQ, Stroemmen 6, 9400 Noerresundby EasySignup HQ
Stroemmen 6
9400 Noerresundby

VIP event

Event Description

This event is fictional and used for showcase purposes only.


All sales consultants are invited to breakfast and launch of the new car model Monday 25th May 2020.

Get inspired and motivated to sell the new model

Our Premium car experts will deliver hands-on knowledge and pointers to boost sales.

These topics are covered at the launch:

  • Interior varieties - color and materials
  • Paint options
  • How to segment the new model compared to our existing range of models?
  • Which factors to consider regarding private and company leasing?
You are welcome to bring your colleagues.

REMEMBER to buy a sample of the model car (Collectors edition). In comes in the colors black and silver.

We'll be seeing you an exiting and inspirational product launch.

Best regards

Meredith Hilary

Product Manager
The Int. Division

About this case:

A simple layout - bullet points, colored text, images and logo. The event has multiple ticket types - each with additional services.

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Organizer Contact Information

EasySignup - Showcase
Phone: 70404070

Organizer Contact Information

EasySignup - Showcase
Phone: 70404070